Author: Billy Ruiz

3 great online resources for graphic designers

When producing graphic design work the jobs can often vary greatly. Once you start looking about the internet it amazing the resources that are available today for graphic designers.

If you are asked by a client to produce something a bit different you can bet your bottom dollar someone has produced similar work before.

Here are three of my favourite resources. A couple of them are pretty well know and another probably less well known.

Flickr – this is my favourite place when I’m looking for royalty free images. Some of the images on flickr are top class and could easily grace the pages of a top magazine. Make sure you have the correct filters selected and you only use images that allow commercial use.

Word art prints – this is a website I found recently when a client needed a polar bear made out of words. I could have easily made the design up in indesign or photoshop but I knew that would take two or three hours. Word art app site allowed me to create the design 5 minutes.

Freelancer – this may seem a strange choice for a resource for graphic designers but believe me is so useful. The way I use freelancer is I outsource the labour intensive work that my client has included. I recently had a job that I billed 500 US dollars for the hours I would require to produce a 8 page magazine. In the end I outsourced it to freelancer and the total cost was 50 US dollars. The quality of work was fantastic and I recommend outsourcing those jobs that are going to take an age to do.

Five design programs every designer shouldn’t be without!

Over the last twenty years there has been a stack of software released aimed and at graphic designers.

With so many programs on the market it can be hard to know what each one does and what the strengths and weaknesses are.

One of the main reasons I’m writing these short blog posts as I see so much bad advice given out by people who call themselves graphic designers.

Photoshop – the daddy of all graphic design programs. Used for image manipulation and photo correction and can be used some basic graphic design. That isn’t to say it can’t be used for complex graphic design it can, but there are other programs that are better handling text and page layout.

Indesign – if you are involved in producing flyers, magazines or posters this the program for you.

Adobe illustrator – this is a fantastic program for producing detailed artwork. It has a steep learning curve but once you manage to master it you will reap the rewards.

GIMP – this is the first free program I have added to this list. It does have a bit of clunky interface but is a very useful little program. Think of it as very basic photoshop.

Krita – is the last choice on my list. This is a very powerful little program that is fantastic if you are artistic. For talented users can use this program to produce fantastic artistic bits of work.